Member Representative Proposal

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Main core of your business to determine classification
% of total business
Additional business, lines, products or services the proposed firm requests for inclusions in its classification
% of total business


  1. I understand that membership is held by the company for membership and not by the individual representing the firm. The Board of Directors must approve both the company for membership and the individual as the company representative.
  2. Attend breakfast meetings every Tuesday at 7:20am. Attend open house receptions Thursday evenings. Minimum attendance requirement is 50%.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the businesses of fellow members and Member Representatives and make business referrals.
  4. Recommend at all times suitable, the services and products of the members to friends and business associates.
  5. Act promptly on all referrals received from fellow members and in such a thorough manner that it will reflect credit on the member recommending your products or services.
  6. Always give fellow members every possible preference in business transactions, other things being equal, and subject to legitimate demands of policy with reference to established business connections.
  7. Pledge to keep source information strictly confidential.
  8. Pay dues on time each quarter and maintain a current credit card on file. Authorization is given to charge the card if dues are more than sixty (60) days past due.
  9. Make classification talk and hold open house on a timely basis.
  10. I agree on the behalf of the company as the Member and on my behalf as the company Member Representative I agree to all ten (10) Member Commitments above and I will, and I will cause the company to, adhere to the Association’s Bylaws and written policies and procedures.

I agree to strive at all times to furnish quality merchandise and professional services commensurate in value to the purchase price. *